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I Do, We Do, You Do: Partner Read Anchor Chart also includes launching reading workshop and lessons.

Working with a Buddy Chart

Teacher Stuff: Dual Language

Dual Language: "Expectations for Working with a Buddy" Chart. I like how this chart includes both languages to allow ESL students to feel more comfortable in the classroom.

anchor chart - schema (with children's book example)

Schema Anchor Chart: Schema, our mental filing cabinet, is a key element of my theory! Schema can help readers use semantic cues.

I've wanted to try this note-passing activity I saw ( and these would be great a great model for student responses.

partner reading- "how do partners talk about books" (DIG DEEP!) Great ideas if I decide to do partner reading and Daily 5 this year!

Oral Retelling Actually Means...Chart by @Jennifer Jones

Hello Literacy: Oral Retelling: The Big Secret anchor chart and another anchor chart about buddy reading below. I always like the idea of showing the kids the expectation

.What goes on Post-its

A couple weeks of mini lessons on post its and their uses to help with reading comprehension. I would say each bullet should be modeled at least twice in a mini lesson. Anchor Charts,Classroom,Classroom ideas,Ideas for s

Anchor Charts: Reading and Writing Goals

Anchor Charts: Reading and Writing Goals

This is a reading chart to have in any grade, including - grade classrooms! It is a chart that talks about goals students have for their reading and when they achieve different steps they can move up on the poster.