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Zucchini Relish *This is my new obsession!!! Everyone who has tried it loves it as well. I know it seems like.... over relish?! Heck yes it is amazing and easy to make!!!

Aunt Val's Caramel

Soft caramel popcorn... 1 C. Brown Sugar, 1 cube butter, 1 C. light Karo syrup, 1 can sweetened condensed milk. Melt all the ingredients in a saucepan over medium-low heat. Once caramel is boiling cook for approximately two minutes stirring constantly. Pour over popcorn immediately (this recipe will cover three bags of popcorn thoroughly).

42 Compound Butter Recipes

Compound butter is simply butter with an added flavor or two mixed in. It's not just like buttering an item and then adding a sprinkle of the flavor - compound butter becomes a unique flavor unto itself. You can put these on pastries, meat, pasta - anything you like.

Peach Jelly: UNBELIEVABLE! I took skins and pits from peaches I used in other recipes (3 peach cobblers) , made juice and froze as I went, until I had enough for a full recipe. My jelly is a pretty pale pink and very, very tasty. Can't wait for peach season next year!