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All 900,135 registered voters in Cuyahoga, Ohio voted in 2012 election. All of them and All voted for Obama!!!!!!!Red flag anyone? The stench is only going to get worse as we uncover more VoterFraud,,,,googled this & found different numbers (236,478 for Obama) but Romney would have won Ohio w/out Cuyahoga County (east Cleveland)......numbers still seem too high for O.....good place for a recount imo

After driving the US more deeply into debt than any other President, Obama felt the American taxpayers should pay for his daughter Malia's much needed vacation from her stressful schoolwork, In Oaxaca Mexico, on your dime. She took two jets and 25 secret service men. Why haven't you heard about it? The Obama Administration has had the Secret Service scouring the web ordering that any website mentioning this be taken down.

Barack Obama...If he thought the debt was a problem in 2006....what would you call it today? || Prophetic words, those....