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ESMTH do not own the images in this blog. If possible, ESMTH try to specify the source of the information. This is a blog of inspiration, a compilation of pictures and quotes found on the internet with which ESMTH not used to explore any benefit.

"Style shouldn't be written off as superficial. It's vitality, an assertion of life, an intuitive understanding of what we long for" - Dan Ross // Most of the content is not my own, but some of it is. Enjoy!

When I was younger my mum clipped my eyebrows to make them more feminine and petite, the pain was unbearable for me so she stopped. I shaved bits of my eyebrows the next day so I wouldn't have to deal with the pain again. This is why my eyebrows are a...

LF Stores 'Home Alone' Holiday 2012 Lookbook - The holidays were never this much fun, so check out the sensational LF Stores 'Home Alone' holiday 2012 lookbook and see for yourself just how much fun holiday fashion can be!

Things i love. (None of the pictures I post belong to me, so I don't own the copyright. Pictures are blogged as a reference only or re- blogged from other blogs.)