How to distress a galvanized bucket

Aging GALVANIZED METAL with...Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner! douse the bucket in the cleaner, set it out in the sun & an hour & a half later (after washing it off, of course)

how to age metal

Tip - Spray vinegar onto shiny buckets to give them that aged galvanized look.

... how to age shiny buckets - LittleMissMaggie: Making New Galvanized Buckets Look Old


DIY :: Mercury Glass look :: glass jar, spray paint, vinegar, water, paper towel ( )

how to age galvanized metal

Vinegar and Salt Patina to age metals

Perryman Galvanized Tub on Stand – Rust & LOVE

vinegar salt. Fill a quart yogurt container half full of vinegar, and 1tsp salt. dunk any metal you want to age.

Get the vintage look on metal. Take a $1 store bucket and age it with Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.

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The Golden Sycamore: How to Age Galvanized Metal

Make Galvanized Metal look aged - How To

How to give galvanized metal an aged look

wax paper transfer technique

wipe down metal objects with vinegar before painting to keep the paint from peeling -

Turn any cheapo basket into an aged-looking beauty with this quick tutorial!

how to age metal