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  • Brittany Spraggins

    This made me want to cry--it's like a big ol kitty who needs love. >> last pinner: Veterinarian Livia Pereira kisses paralyzed lion Ariel who she is caring for in her home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday July 13, 2011. Ariel is a three-year-old, 310 pound (140 kilogram) lion that has been unable to use his four legs due to a degenerative disease affecting his medulla. Borges runs a a shelter that cares for sick or abandoned animals. (AP Photo/Andre Penner) This really breaks my heart

  • Jordan Roberts

    @Cheyenne Clark

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Forget the zoo! This little guy can live in my garage!

A veterinarian and an animal shelter owner in Sao Paulo, Brazil take care of a paralyzed lion. The lion, who's name is Ariel, was born with a degenerative disease that has left him unable to use his four legs for the past year.

You can't resist this. You tryna resist this but it ain't gonna happen.

Otter pup gets veterinarian care by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Alaska

Veterinarian in about 8 years- seems so long away, but 4 years until I start!

When a working dog is sick or injured, the staff of the Kandahar Airfield Veterinary Medical Team is a dog’s best friend. The veterinary medical team here operates a medical clinic for canines deployed to southern Afghanistan.

After July (2012), nearly 800 animals near PETA's Norfolk, Virginia, headquarters won't have to worry about "getting in trouble"—like Rizzo.  PETA's mobile veterinary clinics "snipped" 794 animals, including 154 whose families couldn't afford spay and neuter surgeries and 40 who couldn't get to the veterinarian without a ride there and back.

A veterinarian's eye chart :P TOO CUTE. P L E A S E D O N O T B I T E T H E N I C E D O C T O R O K

If only everyone was this caring…

Pete may be blind, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the way he plays! This resilient hound mix went from a Petfinder listing straight into his new family's hearts. Now, he's a blind dog ambassador.

studied this in college. Changed EVERYTHING for me. the love of an animal is truly amazing ♥