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Grandma's Yellow Rose This deep yellow shrub rose named 'Grandma’s Yellow' is upright and bushy. 'Grandma’s Yellow' flower is deep yellow with 17-25 petals and it repeat blooms from spring until the first hard frost.

Where to cut roses to help them grow bushy and flower more... after blooming cut just above an eye(shown on pic) in early spring you cut the roses all the way down... just above ground at the third eye....

Marie Daly Rose: texas superstar Easy care shrub rose, few thorns, lots of very fragrant, double pink blooms. Successive flushes of bloom spring to frost. Developed for Texas, new color of renowned antique rose 'Marie Pavie.' Good disease and alkaline soil tolerance.

Perennial Wheel: Turn the dials and visualize perennial plant combinations for your garden! Plants are organized on 3 wheels by height with symbols that let you know the bloom time, the sun needs and the colors of that plant.

35+ Flowers for Fragrant Moonlight Gardens

Create romantic moonlight gardens with these gorgeous flowers that glow in the dark and emit fragrance once the sun goes down.