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Sol LeWitt 1990: Wall Drawing 631. I'm sure I have a blatant rip-off of this in a corporate office environment pinned somewhere on this board too...

Sol Lewitt, Wall Drawing #652(?) - Indianapolis Museum of Art, This is a somewhat brighter version of his original which was lost to a remodel. The image is VERY copyrighted but... What a natural for a quilt!

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Drawing Machine #1 (To Your Hearts Content), 2009. Interactive Mixed-Media Installation by Joseph L. Griffiths. Amazing.

Sol LeWitt - Wall Drawing # 792 (@ The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, ?) [1995]

De travers et trop grand - bleu, 2013, by Daniel Buren | Prominent in Paris in the 1960s, Daniel Buren is internationally recognized for his contribution to Conceptual Art as a founding member of the BMPT group (comprised of Buren, Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni), in which he abandoned the idea of painting as object and dismissed the importance of authorship. #pattern #stripes

Wall Drawing #1138: Forms composed of bands of color | Sol LeWitt | Artists | Lisson Gallery

Charlotte Mann, wall drawings in marker Charlotte Mann is a British artist who draws on walls as an adult — and gets paid for it! Mann specializes in wall drawings and drawn room installations, created with bold black markers on a white ground. The del