Ancient clock This clock, inside in the north transept, has been telling the time in Wells Cathedral (Somerset, England) since around 1390. The second oldest original working clock in the world, and the oldest with its original dials. It shows hours and minutes, and the number of days since a new moon. Above the dial, there is a group of figures which spins around on the quarter hour. As it spins, a knight is unhorsed by a lance. He is merely 600 yrs old. I presume the first one wore out...

Zodiac Clock

Chicago Clock

A forgotten profession: In the days before alarm clocks were widely affordable, people like Mary Smith of Brenton Street were employed to rouse sleeping people in the early hours of the morning. They were commonly known as ‘knocker-ups’ or ‘knocker-uppers’. Mrs. Smith was paid sixpence a week to shoot dried peas at market workers’ windows in Limehouse Fields, London. Photograph from Philip Davies’ Lost London: 1870-1945.

Tesla Coil Inspired Wall Clock

Wells Cathedral Astronomical Clock: Wells, Somerset, England

A German silver, gilt and rock crystal pillar sun dial with calendar, serving as a complete civil and religious compendium of time, by Wolfgang Fugger, c. 1563

Antique Clock in London

man of the hour!

Cergy, Saint-Christophe train station, France.

Time in a Bottle


Sidewalk Clock, New York ● 1947: This unique sidewalk clock, embedded by Barthman Jewelers on the corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane in 1898, is a hidden gem of New York’s former jewelry district. In 1946, it was estimated that 51,000 people unwittingly stepped on the clock between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. each day. The clock, which was given a new face shortly after this picture was taken, still works today. (Ida Wyman/Columbus Museum of Art/© Ida Wyman)


This remarkable timepiece, possibly the most complicated of its kind in the world, was designed and made by Rasmus Sørnes (1893 - 1967) in Moss, Norway. The clock has been shown for some time at the Time Museum in Rockford, and at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, but is now sold by Sotheby to an unknown owner. Rasmus Sørnes clocks will probably be the last ones ever designed and made by hand by one single person after his own design and calculations.

Karlsbad, Czech Republic

Strict Time by balsamia

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical clock in Prague

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