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I love their stop bullying stuff, it's sweet of them cause of how many people get bullied for being Directioners and how much they get bullied now and even before they were famous.

and then after this tour we have another coming....sometimes i wonder if they ever wanna stop touring and just be able to relax and maybe start a family or just be able to chill out in public without body guards and not get mobbed

One direction. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You look funny with your head turned that way ;) aha Louis your such a little man whore close your legs(;

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One direction. In love with this song and picture! :D

i need professional help like please someone call Oprah or Dr. Phil this is serious

One direction I think they were preety young in this picture I mean look at harry and zayn

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