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  • Danielle Ferris

    Story of my life.

  • Taylor

    Ugh I hate it when people leave me voice mails ... That's what texting was invented for. If I didn't answer when u called I do NOT want to listen to your voice. Now now and definitely not later. Just hang up and text me

  • Kelly Cheney

    I am so changing my outgoing message.

  • Audrey Taylor Mickelson

    true story. i hardly EVER answer the phone. why talk when you can read? i don't have time to

  • Jillian Hagler-Jenkins

    Should be everyone's voicemail message since I'm pretty sure everyone I leave a message for never listens to them!! And I pretty much don't either. Lol

  • Ashley Miller

    totally me!!! i hate voicemail!

  • Angel Rodriguez

    So true, I hate voicemails

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