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    For those who follow my Art selections here on Pinterest, I wanted to let you know that I've started an on-line gallery and art consultation business called FourSquare ART. I hope you'll visit www.foursquareart... and see all the great original art by our stable of fantastic artists. Our goal is to bring the power and beauty of original art into your home and work environments. Please visit the site and "like" via Facebook to remain current on new paintings.

    This great painting and others by Southwest Art Magazine cover-story artist Josh Clare is available through my website gallery at www.foursquareart... Check it out and the works of other great artists and if you like what you see, follow @foursquareart22 on Instagram and like our Facebook page FourSquare ART. THEN if you really like it all, share the site with your friends by clicking on the "share" button at the top of every page. Josh's art is really, well done. I hope you enjoy it...

    Another painting, "Spheres" by Patrick Kramer.

    Yes, this is a painting. "An Existential Confrontation" by Patrick Kramer

    Wilernie Moonrise - by Ben Bauer > It's been a while since I posted new paintings, this is a great one to start with this morning. The brushwork on this piece, and others by Ben, is fabulous.

    Summer Spring - by Jeff Pugh > A lovely small painting which has wonderful warmth.

    Cherries - by Antonio Cazorla > His web page is full of some beautiful still life paintings. Go there to see this in more detail.

    Vagabondi - by Roberto Bernardi > Here's today's artist from the Artist A Day website which occasionally will feature a high quality artist. Today is one of those days. These photorealistic works are very well done.

    Out Side of Studio - by Hsin-Yao Tseng > From today's Artist A Day website.

    Red Desert VW - by Jason Kowalski I really like the "mixed media" work employed in this piece. Found this artist on the Artist a Day site where I learned he's represented by one of my favorite galleries, Meyer Gallery in Park City. Those folks have good taste.

    Three Mile Creek - by Jeff Pugh > I really like where Jeff's headed with his art and especially many of his recent pieces showing the sage and cedar covered hills found around the central Utah and Nevada areas of the country. This one is especially nice and features his bright spots of red frequently found in his paintings.

    Christmas Wreath - by Sarah Samuelson > She calls herself the Tulip Painter and I think she does a wonderful job capturing my favorite flower in her beautifully bright, loose style. This is a lovely painting done for a Christmas card for a charity called, Kids on the Move.

    Untitled - by Eric Standley > WOW!! Intricately done by a laser cutting through hundreds of layers of paper based on a design created by the artist.

    As a Hen Gathereth - by Jeff Hein > This painting is currently hanging in the Spiritual and Religious Show at the Springville Museum of Art where it garnered the top award. It's over 6 feet high and the vivid colors are very rich. I'm particularly fond of the orange scarf which at first glance may not seem to blend with the overall pallet but works nicely as a focal point drawing our attention to the child rather than Christ who stands by supportively looking over the flock and its keeper.

    Consumed - by Jeff Hein > Jeff's paintings are always thoughtful, detailed and invite us to think. This one, especially at Christmas, makes a significant point about commercialism. Look closely.

    Three Angels Kneeling - by J. Kirk Richards > Kirk created a dozen Angel paintings, this one was my personal favorite but it was a difficult choice.

    Secrets for the Stars - by emily c mcphie > While I'm at it, here's another great painting by emily...

    The Lines are Having a Party - by emily c mcphie > There are so many paintings by Emily that could be shared here...

    Not Helping - by Brian Kershisnik > We saw this painting while still being worked on in Brian's studio and fell in love with it then. It completely captures our son, his boys and their mother... See it bigger by going to the link and clicking on the thumbnail found there.

    By Joseph Alleman

    Still Life with Pairs - by Jacob A. Pfeiffer > I recently re-discovered this great, young artist and his fantastic works of realism. Wish the image was larger. His website is well worth a lengthy visit. Enjoy.

    So many great ceramic pieces to choose from by the talented Nicholas Bernard. Great texture, form and colors that are not overtly "commercial" but bright and bold.


    Arabesque XXIX (12 x 10.5 x 9.5) - by Robert Longhurst > created from one solid piece of wood. Not all great art is two dimensional.

    Blue Cattle - by Aaron Bushnell > Just got this electronic image of one of the paintings in our small landscape collection.