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      The Northern Lights as you have never seen them before... captured through thick ice in freezing waters of the Arctic Circle | Mail Online

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      ALLPE Medio Ambiente Blog : ¿Cómo se ve una aurora boreal desde debajo del hielo?

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    This massive knot of interstellar gas and dust looks like a caterpillar slinking across the cosmos. The structure is actually a protostar in a very early stage of evolution. This "wanna-be" star, located approximately 4,500 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus, is in the process of gathering materials from its surrounding envelope of gas, in an attempt to bulk up its mass.But, the protostar, officially known as IRAS 20324 4057, is facing adversity in the form of harsh winds from a group…

    A nearby cluster of galaxies is reaching out into the universe with colossal plasma arms %u2014 galactic tentacles so long they are nearly five times the width of the Milky Way, astronomers say. The discovery suggests the cores of turbulent galaxy clusters may be much less chaotic than scientists previously thought.[Full Story: How About a Hug?! Nearby Galaxy Cluster Has Giant Plasma Arms]

    High-speed streams of charged particles from the sun may be to blame for recent failures of satellites that people rely on to watch TV and use the Internet, a new study finds. From 93 million miles away, the sun spawns solar flares, coronal mass ejections and other space weather events, which can send highly energized particles racing toward Earth. Some solar storms have been known to disrupt communications systems and damage satellites.[Full Story: Intense Space Weather Storms Spark Satellit…





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