id like to take a photo like this.. just need a photographer lol

close-up portrait style with sexy undertone

The power of Black and White photography.

I would love to have a photo done like this some day

profile / Photography by Gediminas Ryženinas An interesting play of contrast. The slim lines create beautiful flowing shapes.

♥ Francis Giacobetti

#B&W #contrast #shadow #silohuette

Portrait - Editorial - Black and White - Eyes - Photography - Pose Idea

"I warn you, if you touch my soul, I touch you back ..." f. wolff

Lashes...and awesome lighting! Different lighting, with high contrast can create stronger/arty mood

Beauty Photography by Geoffrey Jones -- Portrait - Black and White - Seductive - Vintage - Glam - Jewels - Jewelry - Pose

The trouble was I had been inadequate all along, I simply hadn't thought about it. | Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

black & white

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Biased to my species, but there is truly no more beautiful form than the human form.

Portrait - Low Key - Black and White Photography

Similar to the first photo, the black background in this image makes great shadows that "drown out" portions of her body. This effect definitely makes the photo better to look at and more appealing. The light strikes her hair nicely as well and there are also shadows cast on her hair which looks amazing!