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Ravelry: Glittens/ Convertible Mittens Pattern pattern by Claire Rodriguez $

Crafty Tutsfrom Crafty Tuts

Pokeball Inspired Fingerless gloves Free Crochet Pattern

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Pokeball Inspired Fingerless gloves Free Crochet Pattern. For all the pokemon go fans out there, to keep your hands warm while you catch them all!

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Cutie Convertible Mittens | Winter doesn't stand a chance. Not when you've got these cozy ... | Baby & Toddler Gloves & Mittens

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These convertible mittens are made with sock-weight yarn for a finished product that is warm, but not bulky. The convertible mitten/half fingers make it easy to answer a touch-screen phone or use other gadgets without freezing your hands off! Herringbone half double crochet makes a nice texture on the outside of the fabric, but leaves a smooth finish on the inside.

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crochet glittens - I think I might need some of these! :-) ♥❥Teresa Restegui❥♥

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Ravelry: Family Convertible Gloves/Mittens pattern by Bernat Design Studio

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Free fingerless glove crochet pattern... its supposed to be for kids but much better for adults

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Crochet Tutorial: Moss Stitch Fingerless Mittens by Stitch Stitch Boom!

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easy-peasy convertible mittens pattern. I've made two pair with this pattern and usually have to cast on way fewer stitches to make the mittens snug enough, but I like using this as my guide.

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Convertible Mitten Pattern (free) - Ravelry - uses aran weight yarn

Glenna Knitsfrom Glenna Knits


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These gloves, from "Knitting to Stay Sane" are fun with such gorgeous details! I love them

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Love these!!! Men's Loom Knit Convertible Mittens on KK loom

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free pattern. fingerless gloves with mitten tops. Mums Gloves 2 by Takara_Kat, via Flickr

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Line by Line Mittens, free 5-in-1 pattern from KnitPicks: mitts, gloves, mittens, convertible mittens, and fingerless gloves.

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Fingerless mittens with the flap folded back

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Ravelry: Crocheted Mittens / Fingerless Gloves (Women's) pattern by Sue Norrad -- FREE PATTERN

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Repeat Crafter Me: Crochet Christmas Ornament Hat Pattern...lots of sizes!!