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The name's K. I am a 31 year old male laying low in a pleasant part of America that doesn't have a winter. This is a collection of images that resonate with me, with a bit of words and so much skin. No rhyme, no reason, because fuck all that. Come walk...

Of all the monsters in SF, Daleks are truly one of the few that don't look like a man in a rubber suit. Creating an army to use for gaming is obviously the next step.

Doyle’s lovely design rightly deifies our Dalek overlords, bathing them in the buzzing light of stardom, while slyly introducing a mysterious Peter Cushing as the titular Dr. Who. Description from I searched for this on

There he is - the Eleventh Doctor - sitting all alone in Amy's glasses. THIS WILL NEVER NOT MAKE ME SAD! The Angels Take Manhattan was probably the saddest episode ever of anything.

Melissa Smith - Harley Quinn Click here to download Appa! Avatar: The Last Air bender Click here to download David Tennant cosplaying as the Fifth Doctor Click here to download Cutest little Mary Poppins ever! Click here to download

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