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Scientific notation guided notes & practice problems

This is 7 pages of Scientific Notation notes and practice. 2 pages of references and notes with practice problems, 2 pages of student guided notes, a full worksheet with practice problems and answer keys! This is a good reference that students can use as a homework helper, but it is also good for teachers to use as a lesson. ANSWER KEYS INCLUDED!

Science Literacy Reading #1 - Why We Love & Hate Spicy Foods - Science Sub Plan

In this article, students will read about the science behind the feeling of spiciness, what chemical compound creates this sensation, the way spiciness is measured, why the desire to eat spicy foods evolved and how to cure the pain of overly spicy food. This is a great in class activity, homework assignment, weekly science reading assignment, sub plan or in school suspension plan. Use this to save time looking for engaging and appropriate articles with questions!

The Essential Guide for Homework Help & Afterschool Activities

{The Essential Guide for Homework Help} -- great ideas & apps for homework practice during the year! Pass along to parents at the beginning of the year.

Kindergarten Homework BUNDLE (164+ bracelets with QR codes)

159+ QR code bracelets for kindergarten homework! Empower parents to help their children master new skills at home. Parents scan the QR codes to view a review video and play a simple family game to reinforce the content taught at school that day. Bracelets with QR codes for Math, Science, Sight Words, and more!