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Can you hear the vibration? Learn about how sound travels in this super subtle activity. [Illustration by George Retseck for Scientific American]

Kinetic Energy Lab - get your students excited about science with this lab

SCIENCE Note-taking and Vocabulary Strategies - Student Notbooks: Allow students to have choice and personal modifications to their note-taking. Not all students benefit from the structured outline! (Grades 3 - 12) Found on Pinterest.

The Layers of the Atmosphere: Interactive Lab and Ebook | Line upon Line Learning

Short science videos.

Free online Science lessons/activities for kids (astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics and even some math!)

What to do when you want to teach science, but don't have science lab equipment. Check out options for lab sciences at home using virtual science labs {Quick Start Homeschool} http://www.quickstarthomeschool.com/2014/08/how-to-teach-labs-when-you-dont-have-a-lab/

Foldable revision resources | definitely using this for science and all the chemicals

FREE Science Lesson Plans, Activities Experiments for Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science ….LOTS of them!

Middle School Physical Science Activities: Bungee Jump ... With Eggs!

Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: Make Your Own Electricity

{Teaching} ∩ {Physical Science}: ISN Logistics

Extracting DNA From Strawberries - . Gotta do this in class!!

Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: Molecule Madness: A Water Experiment

Teaching Motion, Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration Video

Free 700-page middle school chemistry course available online... Includes labs, printable activity pages, videos, student reading, teacher guides, etc.

Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: Make a Homemade Hand Warmer! @Nicole Gavel: a good LB activity?

Third Grade Physical Science Activities: See the Science of Sound

Fourth Grade Physical Science Activities: Teach Density with Kitchen Science