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Acceleration Lab Activities in Physical Science

by Natasha Parks
Acceleration is different than speed. In physics there are a few interesting experiments to measure acceleration. By combining these practical techniques with a simple equation involving the speed of an object moving and the time it takes that object to travel a specified distance, acceleration can ...

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This is a great two part lab that can be done over 3 or 4 days (Depending on your classes etc). The first part of this lab is a directed activity on acceleration with small toy cars (I use hot wheels).

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Propelling large marshmallows to demonstrate the acceleration due to unbalanced forces!

This poster tells and explains to the students the different areas of Science and how they operate. For grades: 3-6, the NY Science Standards: 1. Nature of Science, A. The Scientific Worldview, Grade 5: Science is a process of trying to figure out how the world works by making careful observations and trying to make sense of those observations.