eeek, so cute!

Personalized Plates for Kids. I would love one for myself as well. Why should the kids be the only one to have such cute plates? #plates #kids #pickyeater

Thats MY name! Theres nothing quite like the feeling a child gets when they see their own name in a puzzle. Youll know by the smile and the twinkle in the eyes. Kids feel special, unique, noticed, important - and best of all, loved. Whats also great? Each and every name puzzle is custom created! Recently featured in Martha Stewarts Living magazine!

Personalized plates, bowls, and even placemats - customize the hair and eye color to look like your kiddos - sooo cool. Great for Christmas :)

Cardboard Slide - FUN!! Omg I would have loved this idea when I was a kid. It is safer then a ironing board, lol.

Rainbow Maker - for inside a room.

Chore System for Kids! Visual impact with $ incentives!

Cute present for friends with little ones. Personalized plate with matching hair, eyes, etc- prrreeeecious!

Baby gifts

10 games that kids will love!

DIY adorable card ~ one to treasure! @Teisharay

Personalized name puzzle!

this has to be the cutest thing ever!

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle. Very cute!

I LOVE this idea. Make a wipe-off placemat for each kid to sit down and draw out their day while mom cooks dinner. Gives a fresh way to discuss what kids have done that day!

Letting kids LIVE - an awesome list of easy things for kids. ages 1-3

personalized Lego tray {child gift}

What a cute idea!!

Personalized Cake Carriers- add a cake mix, serving knife. Great gift

Kid's plate

personalized pillows