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Kim Basinger

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If this is not the definition of fierce I don't know what is!!! love Kim Basinger & she is rocking the hell outta this suit

Academy Award winner Kim Basinger once confessed in an interview, "I do really wish we had more of the European feeling of age in this country because it has put so much pressure not just on the women, but on the men and the children, too. It's sad to see a little 8 year-old like my own look at the other girls and start holding in her stomach ... So I hope to adopt that same attitude as I get older and bring it in to my home."

KIM BASSINGER | Statement hair, square bone structure, full lips - she has it all. But it makes me wonder: how much makeup went into producing this no makeup look? Or is it the bnw photography?

mae west....When I am good am good....but when I'm bad ....I'm really really bad ;-)

bonaventures: SPENCER TRACY | April 5, 1900 - June 10, 1967 I’d like to say that I have a theory about acting, but I don’t. It’s just that I was born a sentimental Irishman, and I play the parts the way they react on me.

I'm sorry. You probably fought long and hard. Longer and harder than even your closest allies knew. I'm sorry.

She pleaded. “Can you just give me five minutes?” “Can you afford my fee?” --- Andrew

:-( Miss my show, Lie to Me. *sigh* Tim Roth