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Lol so true, & if not, you're not someone awesome enough to be my friend. I agree with Natalie Brown I want to hang this up in my house. :)

In my life I have only found one other human that I can say this about. She has been my Wife for 43+ years. Yet, I have had nine dogs in my life (one my K-9 Partner) who fit this description to a "T". You figure it out, I just don't care since I am happy. One Wife = Nine Dogs sounds like a great radio to me.

Amen! My mixed breed dogs have been smarter, healthier and more loving than the "purebred" dogs I've had. By the way... how many of your high dollar purebreds are really pure bred? :)

If you want to turn over in your own bed, you'll have to make both dogs move.

i do not feel this way. no matter how crappy my day is i gotta face the fact that when i get home im gonna have to walk that mofo and see what horrible surprise he has for me today. WHO are these dog ppl. where do they find their wonderful pets?

They most certainly do!

Ah, but they get far more than that, don't they? To love a dog is to hand over a piece of your heart, knowing it will someday be broken because their lives are far too short. I tell you this, though; it's worth it.

Indy is always looking around the corner at me when I am not the same room like this....has to know what I am doing

"We always feed our dogs at 5pm. I tried to explain daylight savings time to them. They took it pretty ruff." ~ Dog Shaming shame - Beagle

Dog Rules - Man does this reflect our family rules for dogs! I do think the Lord pictures our need for unconditional acceptance and "blessing" in those pesky pets He gives us