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Now I Know - Facts about #Epilepsy, Ending the Myths

My daughter has such a hard time, listening and paying attention at school. We love her so much and are working on a way to help her as much as we can figure out something that works for her.

Epilepsy... Tres has severe epilepsy and this is important to know for others who are not familiar with seizures

The basics on Epilepsy that many people are clueless about!... my son Tres has severe epilepsy and currently has 4-5 different types of seizures many people do not understand seizures or this disease.

epilepsy facts and figures -- part of a powerful series on epilepsy at Life Rearranged

Epilepsy is more common than Autism, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease Combined.....yes Combined!!!!! Yet somehow Epilepsy remains a mystery to most people. How can that be?

#epilepsy started keppra this week, eating is ick and I'm too weak with my other stuff it's getting hard to sleep. Anybody know how to help? I think I'm starting to see stuff.. Aha well yeah

Epilepsy Etiquette. An epilepsy guide for people who DON'T have epilepsy #epilepsy

Epilepsy affects everyone in the family