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Now I Know - Facts about #Epilepsy, Ending the Myths

Epilepsy is more common than Autism, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's Disease Combined.....yes Combined!!!!! Yet somehow Epilepsy remains a mystery to most people. How can that be?

My daughter has such a hard time, listening and paying attention at school. We love her so much and are working on a way to help her as much as we can figure out something that works for her.

Epilepsy: know what to do and how to help! #epilepsy #awareness #infographic

  • Helen Lawver

    I don't agree with all of these statements. But everyone's seizures are different

Epilepsy... Tres has severe epilepsy and this is important to know for others who are not familiar with seizures

  • Judy Townsend

    Important information!

  • Alaina Douglass

    Great Info! Everyone should know this! They need to add more info on Partials, it's not as easy when you can't tell the person is seizing! :/

epilepsy facts and figures -- part of a powerful series on epilepsy at Life Rearranged

Epilepsy Etiquette. An epilepsy guide for people who DON'T have epilepsy #epilepsy

  • Liz Allen

    Olivia you are correct it is if you've had more than two. But again does not include those with traumatic head injuries.

  • Olivia Hughes

    From what I understand you'd look at the seizures as separate when using the term epilepsy. What I mean is, If you hit your head on a rock and had 3 seizures, you have ____ brain injury, and from that it caused you to have seizures, defined as epilepsy. I have a brain tumour, which cause me to have seizures, therefore making me an epileptic

  • Lorinda Youness

    I was told it was 6 but that was years ago

  • Olivia Hughes

    Maybe it depends on the type? Lol

  • Jesse Camille

    I was diagnosed epileptic after only two Grande mals. Epilepsy isn't mental or physical's neurological. And it's not good to leave one alone after a seizure unless you know for sure that they are fully "back"...I had many where ppl would ask if I was ok n I'd nod but I still couldn't talk n would end up passing out

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Believe in Yourself

Basics on epilepsy.

Epilepsy affects everyone in the family

#epilepsy started keppra this week, eating is ick and I'm too weak with my other stuff it's getting hard to sleep. Anybody know how to help? I think I'm starting to see stuff.. Aha well yeah

  • susel rogge

    I guess everybody is different. I've had no problems qith keppra. Other than sleepiness. My dr prescribed me keppra after a bad reaction to topomax. I suffer from tonic-clonic seizures after several ministrokes

  • Kate Battye

    I suffer from simple partial and complex partial seizures.

  • Elizabeth Andrews

    I've been taking keppra for awhile, the only thing I ever noticed which I'm fairly certain isnt from the keppra from the seizures thenselves is muscle weakness in my arms. I like Keppra, but was on Depakote before, which I liked better and even helped me grow out of the seizures once. The only thing with that is constant blood tests

  • Kate Battye

    Jeopardy nev been a problem for me. Tegretol made me really really tired - tired like a zombie - and made me put on loads of weight, which immediately came off when I stopped taking it. Now on 1500 Keppra twice a day and 125 Lamictal twice a day.

  • Cheyane❤❤❤

    I took keppra still had seizures on I so changed it now it works kinda well I pass out but don't have a seizure so yeah lol

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