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Piet Mondrian In Low Relief - "The students were excited to see if they could "fool" the viewer into thinking that their art was a flat painting rather than a relief sculpture. We set out to see if we could "keep it flat" by creating a composition of horizontal and vertical lines, geometric shapes and colors without value shifts."

Arabescato marble Wall Mounted or Wall Hanging sculpture by artist Eppe de Haan titled: 'Le Tre Grazies (3 Graces Carved marble Bas Relief Carvings sculptures)'

In celebration of Earth Day, my classes brought in "junk" to recycle into a Louise Nevelson style box sculpture. We had a blast watching it grow and come together! Staten's class

Tom Moberg | Artist Portfolio | Moberg Gallery... believe he uses an actual tree... encased in drywall mud ... and sculpts the rest of the bas relief using dry wall mud... and maybe sometimes plaster.

Honestly WTFfrom Honestly WTF

Paper Stories

Paper Stories How incredible are these paper relief sculptures from artist Cheong-ah Hwang? Each piece is so dynamic and int...

cool....spray/paint all objects to be one ties them together to create unity..and then they lose their identity as individual objects and become ONE piece..

Ancient Egypt is famous for its timeless beauties, such as this dancing girl depicted in relief carving inside a mastaba tomb at Saqqara. Surrounded by a rich historic and urban heritage, and embroiled in the uncertainties of revolution, Egypt's contemporary artists are using the female form to express hopes and fears for the future.

Detail of Louise Nevelson inspired shoebox lids. I love that it encourages recycling of materials and the single color palette is great!

Annemieke Mein’s Textile Sculptures: Mating Mythical Moths. I just totally LOVE Annemieke's work... so inspiring!