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Hoppin' Good Books! Have students choose a favorite book and make a cover of that book. Using green construction paper, students will cut out a frog head, hands, and legs. Fold the legs accordion style and add feet. Glue the head, hands, and legs to the books and hang on the bulletin board. Create lily pads to add to the bulletin board.

Reading creatures - great craft project for library and students could pick their favorite book and draw the cover and write a brief review too

Spring bulletin board. It would be cute to make the rainbow out of student handprints.

They wrote their hopes and dreams in balloons and attached a picture of themselves soaring with them. Make "Oh the Places You Go" Bulletin Board!

My end of the year student gift.A bookmark with s'more makings to give students with a book!

"Say Aloha to Great Books!" A luau themed summer and reading bulletin board display is creative idea for the end of the school year to encourage students to read during their summer vacations.

Have your students design frogs holding their favorite books in their arms. This would make an fun spring bulletin board display titled: "Spring Into a Good Book."

Cute back to school bulletin board-- have all the kids make an individual fish and then post as a giant "school of fish." :)

Frames for anchor charts. Create a space in your room at the beginning of the year for your anchor charts to hang throughout the school year!

Have students hands go around the bulletin board but then as an extra after a student reads a good book, take a picture of them with the book and put it on the board with their comment