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    They caused me TOO MUCH pain for me to forget them. So I forgave them instead. Now they suffer.

    My codependence is still pretty bad. Each time I see a woman crying I want to wrap her in a big warm blanket, put fuzzy slippers on her feet and server her a hot bowl of soup and a cup of soothing tea.

    5. "The groans you used to make are still ringing in my old ears. There’s still a stain on your cheek from an old tear that hasn’t been washed off yet." -Friar Lawrence Romeo cried for Rosaline, but he has now replaced her for Juliet.

    Se o mar lhe parecer cinza, E o sol lhe negar o calor, Uma lágrima cair sobre a face, Ainda haverá no coração uma esperança... Texto: Christine Aldo - Do poema: Uma Mulher Só

    So this isn't Facebook or texting. You are able to read this without me telling you. You know I still shed this tear all the time. And you supposedly had a guilty look on your face when you found that out. We never talk, and I'm still speechless from everything you told me which you made me look like an idiot. This tear that I shed should be the last.

    "Don't make me do it," she whispered, and all he could see in that moment was her eyes and the fear deeper than the ocean that hid within them.

    "If you are afraid of darkness you are afraid of your own soul."

    Far-right conservative churches establish influence on anti-gay policy in Africa. Gay Ugandans face daily fear for their lives.

    "Feelings are your guide. Trust your feelings and learn to express them, and do not blame anyone for how you feel. Be yourself, observe your...

    The days of your mourning shall be ended. Isaiah 60:20

    This is dedicated to all the tears shed by people for animals. We have changed the way we treat animals, and now we can no longer eat eggs or dairy without images of pain and suffering playing in our minds. Love, should be a word with meaning, a word that shows that we care. Do you care? Join the fight to free the world of cruelty to animals! ♥