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If the bridesmaids dresses were to be green, it would be closer to this green. @Annie Compean Esther I know where to get linen in this color or a brown or cream for $4/yd in CA.

Possible color palette...1st color in the living room kitchen- check. 2nd color in front rooom?? 3rd or 5th color in entry way and downstairs bathroom??

green and gray •••••••••••••••• Oooohhh... I think this would do well for a kitchen, or a bathroom. I had a lime green bathroom in the house we lived in when I was younger.

possible color pallet for a wedding? Maid of Honor in the tan color, bridesmaids in the tan/lavender and flowers in shdea of purples, lavender, greens and white. Bride & groom in white, best man and groomsmen in darker tan with white or lite lavenderish tan shirt? Purple tie & bootineer. (with green)

Color: Produced Color by Design Seeds - light green, mossy green, deep purple, plum, light purple.

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Color Shore

Great example of how nature is a great scholar of how and what colors work together. Can you see how the palette on the right could be adapted for use in a home interior?

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Color Sea

Looking for a bedroom color palette

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color palette!!