duct tape rose wreath. This is cool

Duck tape flowers

Duct Tape Flowers

Duct tape love

Duct tape

Duck Tape Dress....

Duct Tape

wreaths, wreaths, wreaths!

DIY Duct Tape Roses

Rocks painted with magnetic paint. Brilliant.

Duck Tape Bag

cork wreath. Love this

Duct tape

I love this idea to make those ugly cardboard boxed we keep toys in look cuter - use colored duct tape. I'm sure it makes them sturder, too.

duct tape feathers


Duct Tape Belt

Cheap and easy to make Valentines Day Wreath! Wreath foam, grey yarn, red and pink felt hearts. - This might have to happen this weekend ;-)

rainbow duck tape

duct tape

Duct Tape Purses