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  • Christy Van House

    Geraldine De Beco by Ashley Weeks Cart As a kid, my favorite bowls and cups were the one’s with a surprise waiting at the bottom of the vessel. These positively stunning ceramic bowls by Geraldine De Beco for Bernardaud provide a twist on these beloved pieces from our childhood. You must fill the vessel with liquid in order to reveal the surprise, whether it be a cat, wolf or bird. Pretty amazing, huh?

  • Jane Armbruster

    Cat cup! The cat appears when you fill it. Now that is some smart design.

  • Yasmin Cattle

    cat cup. totally cool for a cat lover

  • kittyanydots

    The cat appears when you fill it. Now that is some smart design. #cat #bowl

  • Kati Laine

    Cat lover's breakfast bowl

  • Leslie Woynowski

    cat bowls, but more cereal bowls

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