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Anemones - love them! For the garden: a) spring-flowering species, woodland and alpine meadows, often tuberous or rhizomatous; e.g. A. nemorosa, A. ; b) spring- and summer-flowering multiple bright colors, species from hot dry areas, with tuberous roots, e.g. A. coronaria; c) summer- and autumn-flowering species with fibrous roots, which thrive in moist dappled shade; e.g. A. hupehensis[6], lovely, strong, white perennial

Beautiful Flowers Garden: Beautiful Poppies - graceful beauty approved by the Yosemite guides at

pretty pink flowers #pinkflowers #spring #JulietandZoe

Tiny white flowers + blue sky // Inspiration by #EricBompard

one of my favorite flowers, and LOVE these colors. Too bad they bloom for such a short amount of time