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Somee Cards...so funny...so offensive at times (which is why I secretly love them).

I'd love to come celebrate Canada Day with you but I've already spent all my money on healthcare.

And they will know they were conceived via raunchy sex one day.

Fifty Shades Of Funny: The Best Of The 50 Shades Of Grey (good thing I havent read it!

Apparently I've been doing yoga everyday for a long time and didn't even know it!

My favorite yoga pose is the Whatever-The-Sanskrit-Word-For-Nap.

So touching.

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Average starting teacher's salary: $34,000. Average cable TV installer's salary: $42,000. Priorities, America.

67 Hilarious Teacher Memes That Are Even Funnier If You’re a Teacher

what runs through every girl's mind while she's running late

Better late than ugly.

Funny Friendship Ecard: Your continued success is putting you in a precarious Facebook friend position.

Success is not meant to be shared!



im lazy and i know it....

That moment where you have so much crap to do you decide you're not going to do any of it. Story of my life.

Truer words havhttp://pinterest.com/pin/72550243967426946/?ref=nf#e never been spoken.

The Boring Runner: Funny Foto Friday: Your eCards

oops...i think i do this, alot!

Funny Baby Ecard: What you need is a grueling slideshow of my baby in countless poses and outfits.

I'm confident you'll find something new to complain about.

Lol, unfortunately some people thrive on complaining. Wish some people could be happy with their blessings rather than always finding the negative.

I'm sorry, but, I'm only interested if you can dance like Channing Tatum.

I'm sorry, but, I'm only interested if you can dance like Channing Tatum. Haha too funny

facebook hate

It does amaze me some of the pictures that people post on FB, just because it's set to private doesn't mean that employers can't see.

been doing this a lot recently! lol funny

So completely true. Unfortunately that happens all too early in my work day to allow drinking to be possible.

hahaha. #quotes #funny #someecard

)all this fb humor is cracking me up!