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    • Votre Belle Vie

      Laws of modern woman. Quotes. Wise words. Wisdom. Sayings. Life. Truth. Fashion. Style

    • Lisa L

      Really? REALLY?! We have reports of women being raped and murdered in the most brutal of ways. This is NOT the lesson you want to teach your daughters and sons. The only thing that needs "taking off" is this repugnant quote.

    • Holly Fuller

      Francoise Sagan, I hold myself to a far higher standard than simply being an object for male gratification. I like to dress up only to make myself feel better not for any one else, but if a man thinks I look sexy well that's just icing on the cake!

    • Katy Barnes

      This brings out my feminist rage. There's more to beauty, to fashion, to looking good than inspiring men to want to have sex with you. Yeah, feeling sexy and appealing is great, but - holy crap - there is more to it than that. Women are people, not just art to be lusted after.

    • Kristin Rabun

      A horrible quote from Francoise Sagan. So women should always dress in ways meant to seduce men? Ridiculous.

    • Jenna Richard

      A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you. - Francoise Sagan

    • Jacqueline

      Laws of modern woman. Quotes. Wise words. Wisdom. Sayings. Life. Truth. Fashion. Style

    • Marianna Sharktooth

      Laws. Quotes. Wise words. Wisdom. Sayings. Life. Truth. Fashion. Style. Feelings.

    • Nicole Torres-Cooke

      Francoise Sagan Quote #dress

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