Humming bird feeders. Use any bottle and buy the insert on line!

Recycled Alcohol Bottle Hummingbird Feeders - sugar water with yellow and a drop of brown to make it appear that they have alcohol still in them- Don't think the food coloring is really good for the hummingbirds

Easy DIY Hummingbird Feeder Ideas to Apply in Your Garden

Easy DIY Hummingbird Feeder Ideas to Apply in Your Garden

Sturdy but flexible wire, roughly 16 gauge Flat marbles and/or small glass tiles Wire cutters Pliers Glass adhesive such as

A Small Hearts Desire

Bird Bathtub The perfect gift for your feathered friend! Our Bird Bathtub is for those birds in your backyard that yearn for some privacy. This carefully detailed bathtub is made of cast resin.

is this perfect or what...a blue bottle, screw top, purchased feeder cap, copper wired used to hold & decorate and hang into place and to make the picture even better, a cardinal!

Earth Day is drawing near, and DIY bird feeders are a great project for you and your kids to get closer to nature. Try one of these 9 eco-friendly DIY bird feeders!

Unique, Three Dimensional Hummingbird Earrings with pink flower in Sterling Silver & Cloisonne Enamel. Shop for more hummingbird jewelry at

Hummingbird & Pink Flower Earrings

Hovering Hummingbird Earrings in Sterling Silver & Cloisonne Enamel with Purple flower.

Painted with Elmers glue and food coloring then had a solar light inside. Would be fun for camping or bbqs

our life in a click: DIY Solar Jar Make solar garden lights! Find a glass jar, paint the inside with Elmer glue tinted the color you want and then go to the DOLLAR TREE and buy a solar light. Outdoor lights for nearly nothing!

bottle lights by Ana Consuela

Got a recycling bin full of glass bottles? Why waste them when you could have a new table lamp, candle holder, shelving unit, hummingbird feeder, glass.