DIY side table

Spray painted trash can turned over as side table. If I could only find a trash can this cool. It would make a great plant stand also.

Tufting tutorial. YES

How exactly to make the "love" bookshelf

I am absolutely going to do this!!!!! Im so tired if us not having matching night stands :-) Buy an old nightstand at Goodwill, paint it up, cut in half, and put one half on either side of the bed and screw into the wall. - Two nightstands from and easy :) - No Fee Apartment Rentals in NYC.

DIY nightstands

Candlestick turned table

I need to make this!!! Tutorial on how to make a DIY dressing screen or room divider at Making the World Cuter----- so I can hide my clothes at new house!

Cool website called IKEA hackers....people take items bought from Ikea and show how to make them into something really stylish.

Gemstone Soap Kit Instead of crayons maybe use colored clay to have it as a decoration.

Awesome DIY Upcycled Furniture Ideas DIY Record Side Table

DIY Dining room table with 2x8 boards (4.75 each for $31.00) from Lowes This is the coolest website!!! If you love Pottery Barn but can't spend the money, this website will give you tons of inspiration.


Electrical wire spool from Home Depot stained and wrapped with a cool rug to become a side table!

This website is totally amazing. SOOOO many ideas for DYI projects

DIY ottomans from $8 Ikea tables... score! I already have them too.

DIY sunburst mirror

Copper pipe table DIY //

Good housewarming gift or hostess gift. DIY gift idea

Side table DIY