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IRS & Obama's Election... Obama and a few upper IRS A$$HATS should be in prison over this....


Way too true. Like the only folks who will abide gun laws are the law abiding not the criminals. This is why we don't need the govt minding our biz! They just legalize the robbery of the people!

.miss crowley...a the first time a host of a debate embarrassed herself like that on stage so comletely.

No, that about covers it! And we ALL know that moonbats are liars. It's a rule of the universe.

PIC OF THE DAY: 7 FEET OF OBAMACARE REGULATIONS. Overall, there are nearly 20,000 pages – with many, many more to come. This is the owner’s manual for the health care law that’s supposed to make things better. Are you kidding? This law is a disaster waiting to happen.

IRS went after 83-year-old Tea Party grannyThat included an 83-year-old great-grandmother who was once held in a World War II internment camp, New Mexico Watchdog has discovered.Ive always paid my taxes and everything, Marianne Chiffelle told New Mexico Watchdog. What I do think is, it doesnt surprise me...because of this government we have at the moment.

"The secret to FREEDOM lies in educating people, whereas the secret to tyranny is in keeping them ignorant." Maximillian Robespierre #medicalmarijuana #marijuanalegalization

Most Americans are currently defending one man in office instead of OUR country. I have no idea what these people are taking but wish they would stop.

How governments of other countries solve national problems.. America has 313 million people, unlike many other countries.