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Sharing stories (aka. social currency) creates a bond between the brand and its followers. Like a bond fire, people can connect through stories and life experience. This in turn will create an authenticity to the brand and give the brand personality and be personable.

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Prepare yourself to become a camping expert. Camping is a great activity for the entire family. Make sure that you both carry a survival kit and then get in the.

Good times

Bonfires, whether you're camping, at the beach, or at home they make everything cozy. A bonfire makes me want to stay up all night talking to favorite people.

Upward Bound

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I want to have a campfire on the beach! The beach by my house allows it.

Totally doing this with my boys on guys trip or whatever! Gonna camp outside for at least a day at SL!

Snow flake

one of a kind every snow flake. I love getting out my magnifying glass when a really dry snow storm comes through. The snowflakes are soooooo amazing to look at! Another cool thing about living in Utah :)