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My life...Just doing my bit to spread awareness for this common, but little understood condition. Thousands around the world are affected by chronic bitchface, with sufferers having to endure being told to “SMILE” and “cheer up” by well meaning, but irritating strangers. There is no known cure.

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SydesJokes on

Robin Williams

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I warned you

too good.

Lol that is SO me! I have been wearing hair-ties on my wrist for about 20 years, and feel incredibly vulnerable without one there! So true!

If you have a problem with me please write it nicely on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, fold it up and shove it up your ass...

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Zendaya Loves A Photo Collage That A Zswagger Made Of Her Time On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Story. Of. My. LIFE.