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Barbershop Little Man Mustache Boy 1st Birthday Party Planning Ideas

Love this! Wish I had thought of doing this! Cute idea!

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NEW Baby Bath Apron Towel and Mitt PDF Sewing Pattern - By BlissfulPatterns

Baby Bath Apron Towel - genius idea! @Kay Lucas

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15 baby toys that you can make for free

15 baby toys that you can make for free! ...Who said babies have to be expensive? I am due in a few weeks with baby #3 and let me tell you that I have learned that you don't need most of the baby stuff that stores try to sell. Especially when it comes to toys. Babies tend to want to play with everything and anything and it doesn't matter if it is a $50 toy or one that you make for free. I love these simple DIY baby toys from around the web....

B.Box Baby Bottle - Put the formula in the bottom and water in the top. Simply twist the bottom to release the formula when you're ready to use it! #brilliant

Do not disturb Lol even though she sleeps through just about everything right now and hoping to keep it that way!

Making one of these for sure! This is a great idea! A pillow case remade...perfect for traveling and naps... Good idea for a baby shower:-)

Snip a small hole in her pacifier and give her her medicine through the hole! Much less hassle than trying to give it in the dropper alone! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blooming Bath Baby Bath


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32 Ingenious Things You'll Want As A New Parent

<a href="" target="_blank">Onesie extenders</a> will add a size to bodysuits for rapidly growing toddlers.

Cute and simple idea for names. You could do all three names (First,middle,and last) and it not look overbearing on the wall! Or a cool idea for last name only for the living room