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SACRILEGIO ! sigo pensand que estas son de las peores propuestas, que es un libro por dios, es sagrado, aún si lo compró para eso, que destino más cruel y superfluo, remedos de hipster supuestamente intelectuales y muggles "creativos" que carecen del respeto y la cultura necesaria para osar tocar un libro.

(Talking about the scene in HBP when Ron comes and sits between Harry and Ginny in The Burrow) “We must have done it 20 times because we couldn’t stop laughing because Ron sat down and said, “Pie?” Me and Rupert were pretty terrible, corpsing, still. Well, I mean, I’ve got a lot better. Rupert’s awful still.” - Daniel Radcliffe o-o

True fans who want to re-create the Harry Potter holidays of their dreams can start with an easy DIY that seriously takes minutes to make. These Golden Snitch ornaments can be an addition to your tree or just an awesome decoration for your home all year long.

Chaos...He was looking for Ron and Hermione when his eyes fell on Ginny. She was fighting right beside her brother Bill. He forgot everything the moment he saw her. He had to protect her. He wanted to go to her and make sure that nothing happened to her. Lupin stopped him. Telling him to go away. He resisted, but logically he knew that he had to. He had to leave in order to protect her and her family. With one last look...he turned around, found Ron and Hermione and apparated away…