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I think it's great and creepy all at the same time. Only cause I picture that weird ass TLC couple who never even kissed each other and she like sucked that dudes whole face. Blech!!

Guy has conversations with his dog via iPhone. Hilarious!! I could only imagine the conversations I could have with my dogs if this were possible...

Hanging our heads in shame....

"If I stop my car to let you walk across the street, I better see some hustle!" This is one of my pet peeves because I intentionally try to avoid making cars stop for me, by slowing down or fidgeting with something in my purse, so they will pass and I can cross when they are gone. If I do have to cross, I try to have the courtesy to hurry across.

This could be our printer at school. The first time it jams this year I may have to print this and post it!!!!

hahaha my mom does this all of the time. when i worked in a protein chem lab with a jerk of a boss i texted her about my bad day and she kept LOLing me... i had to explain she was being rather unsupportive, as mothers go.

Awkward family photos... oh dear, what was this photographer thinking?................... Oh my, I cant stop laughing! This is horrific!!!

I found this more funny than most people, because this is EXACTLY how my bf would respond!

Omg I just laughed so hard I'm crying!! Love the one where the aunt dies!!! Too funny!

Mr Rogers. And his impala. I can't deal with the amount of awesome in this story.

Sorry...some of these are really funny! | 21 Times Text Messages Are The Only Way To Say It