Bicycle bucket tutorial - such a good idea so your kids best pals can ride along

Scooter Buddy

Book holder for the car.

Fabric bike basket

Nähen - Tasche - Fahrrad - abnehmbar - bicycle_basket_liner

bike basket

Heal jeans with a monster mouth patch Am I too old for this? :( want. (Although I'm short so most damage to my jeans involves the back of the hem as I catch it on minuscule bumps in the ground and trip, or walk on my pants' heels.)

The Bike Bucket actual tutorial . . .

doll diaper tutorial

penguin stuffed toy tutorial

Little Dolls - tutorial

Fahrradtasche, Laufradtasche, Lenkertasche nähen, DIY Tasche für Fahrrad und Co, Messenger Bike Bag

Katie's perfect zipper ends! Worth remembering for my next zippered bag project!

Tutorial for a ruffle top


Noodlehead: open wide zippered pouch tutorial size chart. It's simple but useful. A lot of pouches have no width at the bottom, this provides a simple box-bottom. Pouch isn't flat when done, but seems like you can make it to the thickness you want by adjusting the cut at the bottom..


baby tie tutorial

Busy Bag Tutorial, great for car ride boredom busters.

DIY-Lunch Bucket Pattern