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1001 узор. Узоры спицами. Ирландские узоры (аранское вязание), узор 1

The pattern is lovely, giving a thick, textured fabric. This stitch is based on garter stitch, so there's no purling and it doesn't curl up. You may slip the stitches knitwise or purlwise, as long as you keep the yarn behind your fabris while you are working. Slipping knitwise which twists the stitches when you knit them on the next row, will make a slightly tighter, denser fabric.

The Cross stitch is very similar to herringbone stitch and it will look amazing on scarves, bags or accessory project. The stitch is a bit more time consuming and it might be a bit more challenging to beginners.

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New Knitting Stitch Alert: Twigg Stitch

Learn It: Twigg Stitch. Knitting Daily. Learn a new, reversible knitting stitch!

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400 knitting stitches

400 knitting stitches by Alicia Salazar - issuu