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I love the eerie use of powder and how delicately it has been used, rather than the generic and chaotic throwing method so often used.

beautiful makeup:: i want freckles.

She looks like she's flirting with someone out of her field of vision. #mischief #redhead #adventure

Tracy Olanrewaju When i was little my freckles were exactly like this when I had been out in the sun a lot. They faded as I became OLDER :)

Simplest idea can be the cutest one... Wrap a colorful scarf----prettiest baby alive maybe

The dark hair and green eyes a child of Poseidon inherits

Do not let dark eye rings and bloated, puffy eye bags age you unnecessarily. Use facial yoga and facelift exercises to look years younger and reduce or eradicate them completely www.facelift-with... #faceexerciseprogram #facialworkout #reducedarkrings

She is beautiful, but unfortunately freckles are not natural, they are sun damage! Rodan and Fields has amazing sunscreens to prevent sun damage and premature aging! contact liaskinguru@gmail... for more product information!