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Toilets break - fixing it shouldn't be difficult. Replacing a toilet fill valve in just a few steps

from The Family Handyman

10-Minute House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips

a quick way to avoid a running toilet caused by a kinked toilet chain. Remove the chain from the arm attachment, and slide a plastic straw over the flapper chain, covering about two-thirds of the chain. Then reattach the chain to the arm.

from The Family Handyman

How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

How to Repair a Kitchen Faucet

from The Family Handyman

Textured Ceiling Repair Tips

Textured Ceiling Repair Tips. Make an old ceiling look new |

How to replace a leaky toilet flapper. Tutorial at

from Young House Love

Fixing A Toilet That Rocks, Replacing A Wax Ring, & Adding Dual Flush

replacing wax rings and tightening a toilet

from The Family Handyman

How to Fix a Running Toilet

A website that shows you how to fix almost everything in your house. #provestra #coupon code nicesup123

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How to Stop a Running Toilet

Learn the simple four-step strategy that solves 95 percent of toilet flush problems. stop water from constantly running, give a wimpy flush a boost, and solve other common problems quickly and easily. Overview Check the fill tube | Adjust the fill height | Adjust the flush handle/flapper chain | Replace the flapper

from The Family Handyman

How to Use Epoxy on Wood for Repairs

Epoxi es el material perfecto para hacer reparaciones permanentes de descomposición marcos de las ventanas, marcos de puertas y molduras exteriores

from Marty's Musings

How to Patch and Repair Drywall

sheetrock repair tips