Amen! Lol

Haha so, so true



Yup, true

I don't have a "honey-do" list. I have a "I'll freaking do it myself" list. And guess what? Shit gets done. | Confession Ecard | someecards.com

I LOVE this :)... I think we all have at least one person that comes to mind.


My hobbies include: Pinning pictures of home decor I can't afford, recipes I won't cook, crafts I won't make. Also, I really enjoy loading up my online shopping cart not buying any of it.

ummmm.... yeah.

"Why, yes. I do enjoy when you sit and talk to me while I'm trying to read an awesome book. It's my favorite."


I have ALWAYS thought this!!! My kids birthday is really MY birthday - the day I was born as a mom. (especially my first born!)

Haha! So true!

Some days this is so true :)

so true.


Yep, totally me!

haha so true