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Lego board game! See who can get to the end and build the highest tower.

math centers or Indoor recess: Lego board game! See who can get to the end and build the highest tower. :} Have them add/subtract the lego pieces!

A version of this great Lego Game Board has been going around Pinterest but had no downloadable/printable.  So we made one here at PediaStaff.   I will make it a pin for discussion to see what great therapy ideas we can create for it!

New Pin for Discussion ‘Build a Lego Tower’ Game Board for OT/PT Objectives - What kind of great game can you make with this to advance motor, sensory and other OT/PT objectives? Lets have another contest between OTs/PTs and SLPs!


LEGO Hacks, Ideas and Activities for Kids

Isaac, A rubber band powered Lego car - fun! The post shows two different ways to build one. Fun project for a Lego party, or to do with friends.

Make a Kids Card Holder out of an egg carton.  Easier for little hands to participate in card games!

DIY Card Holder: Cut off the bottom half of your egg carton. Then cut a slit in each cup. Love this idea for children who have fine motor difficulties or just don't know how to fan their cards!

this has got son & dad christmas holiday activity written ALL over it - just need to make Santa prints out the instructions and wraps them around a bag of m&m's!

How to Build a Lego Candy Dispenser

How to build a working Lego candy dispenser! Step-by-step instructions. Great for a Lego birthday party!

LEGO Quest Kids -- 51 challenges for kids to do with their legos

LEGO Quest Kids -- 51 challenges for kids to do with their Legos. Great for rainy days at camp! Bring Legos and a few of these challenges, let the girls work individually or in teams.


Summer literacy is important, but let's not forget about summer STEM! Check out this cool LEGO challenge.

M-make something monday  T-time to read tuesday  W- whats cooking wed  Th- be thoughtful thur  Fri- somewhere fun friday

Studio 5 - Structuring an Effective Summer Routine

Love this idea - Summer Activity Schedule for Kids - I need to do this, but isn't summer fun because you aren't on a schedule?

Take Lego Building on the Road! | Community Post: 21 Ways To Keep Your Kids From Going Crazy On Roadtrip

Take Lego Building on the Road!

A portable LEGO kit for traveling! {Mama Papa Bubba} (Maybe just make this their entire stash of Legos- then there is only one little box to deal with regularly!