Reasons to be fit on tumblr: #0341 - to set goals that are out of your reach only to find out that you can exceed them. on Diets Grid

So true

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one of my biggest motivators

reason to be fit


Inspiration to get Fit!!! And if you're looking to start your fitness journey, there is no better way than....


my favorite

Because running is cheaper than therapy.


Since I really dedicated myself to eating healthier and exercising I am amazed at how much easier I can accomplish things. I know I can run 5 miles in a row woot. Plus, I have discovered hiking Turkey Mountain is a breeze for me now.

Reasons to be Fit

Yes mam. Reasonstobefit.


Reasons to be Fit

Best motivation there is

Reasons to be Fit #0427: To be able to do things I never dared to dream about before. #motivation