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I mistook a 'possum for a cat once, but it was night.and its back was to me.and it was eating out of my cat's bowl.on my deck. I reached out to pet it and it turned around and I saw its snout and beady little eyes.

Most funny animal memes and humor pics 15

Most funny animal memes and humor pics

Actually dying:

"I like me because fire truck" "I only wanted to meet the Spice Girls" Lololololol

saw this sign in real life. laughed for the next 5 miles.

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I laughed so hard at this

When a man is in charge…

popcorn seeds, butter sponges, and snowman poop. can we take a moment for him.

too funny

The awkward moment when your friends fat arm makes you look naked. "totally had to take a double look. Thought she was naked!

you make kitteh angry!

There is nothing more glorious than a man with a cat. except a man with a cat in an awful picture. These are 29 of the worst pictures of men with cats in Int (Page

Kids Giving Out Some Good Marriage Advice…

How do you decide who to marry? (written by kids) how would you make your marriage work? tell your wife she looks pretty even if she looks like a truck.

I Would Definitely Do This If I Worked In Retail

I Would Definitely Do This If I Worked In Retail

Lol! ;) How can I go on without Chocolate for the rest of my life on this Endometriosis diet? I crave it so much sometimes...and I don't even eat the added dairy kind! =*(

Well Played Product Placement Guy, lol Cause every girl needs chocolate at that time of the month.