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Frozen Moogle Fill Blender with Ice Then add: ¼ cup vodka ¼ cup triple sec ¼ cup vanilla liqueur 1 cup grapefruit juice Blend ‘er Top with Cherry and 1-2 Moogle Wings (May require innovation) Looks fruity cause it is, kupo!

Cactuar plush. My valentines day gift a few years ago! Much better than roses!

And I Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way

Realistic FFVII wouldn't be as much fun.

Gotta love the the bad translation.

Cloud vs Sephiroth amazing pencil drawing

Hahaha Those people drive me crazy! Try and tell them the Turks are bad guys, "buy Reno so helped Cloud out, he can't be bad" Really? I remember him murdering everyone in sector 7!!!