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    it's really nice

    The best of me.

    Stop putting my on a shelf for when you decide you want me again.

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    100% true.

    I want you to always look at me like that...that look in love. So in love. I love you. I want you so badly. I'm lost without you. I need you in my life. My love. Your smile. So irresistible Mmm I wish I could kiss you through the phone ...and do more. I want you so bad it hurts. I feel the aching biting desire to be next to you...your I love you


    my mottto...

    As much as you honestly broke my heart in the end...and you left a whole inside of my heart that aches every time I think of you...... .I will say that I don't regret anything, you thought me a lot of were my rock and my best friend and I'll never forget what we had...because you were my first love and there will always be a place for you in my heart...I really do wish you the best

    I will dare to just do what I do. Be just what i am, and dance whenever I want to. ~Beverly Williams #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #quote

    I always think about this

    Definitely how I feel about the ocean. "Just Get Me Near the Sea" by Artsyville. For those who find it medicinal to be around water. Illustration © Aimee Myers Dolich.

    I dare you to love me more than you know how


    everyone needs to hear this now and then

    Very much so. Can't explain it or put it into words how you make me feel and how in love with you I am.


    Dear Me. I know you have a lot going on right now. I'm sorry. Please don't forget to breathe deeply. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Get your fine ass outside play. You are a beautiful soul. Act accordingly. Love, Me

    every day.