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Some people force themselves to grow up and lose sight of the things they loved as children. Some day, if I end up in a little cubicle, doing an office job I hate, I'll still make time to stare at the clouds and see bunnies and dinosaurs and ice cream cones and pirate ships.

Beautifully seen! Andre Kertesz Lost Cloud-New York 1937- Gelatin Silver Print

"Heaven Is a Place on Earth" - © Anja Bührer (latoday) - via deviantart

It's love's illusion I recall - I really don't know clouds at all (photo by Masao Yamamoto)

Scintilla IV | Photographer: Doug Chinnery -

Check out this kids amazing photographs in his 365 project - Weatherman. by alexstoddard, via Flickr

Sleep Elevations and Dreams... Although often overlooked, they tend to help with everything♥

sometimes i forget what its like to dream, and images like this remind me to believe that what i hope for is possible, its by the talented honeypieliving

Cloud Swing When I was little, I used to swing & sing the afternoons away. My mom told me that the neighbor said she loves hearing my little angelic voice sing Sunday School songs while she waters her plants. Hahaha! I should have serenaded her when I had the chance.. and the angelic voice! Ahaha!